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Kostka Gel Tips – Short Square


11 vorrätig

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Kostka Gel Tips – Short Square
The quick and easiest nail extension at your fingertips.
Time-saving alternative compared to the classical nail extensions.
One box includes 50 pcs of 10 sizes, a total of 600pcs. Sizes- 0-9 Size 5-6 double.
Kostka Gel tips are specially formulated out of soft gel to provide you with a comfortable and lightweight nail enhancement, without the damage of acrylic or hard gel. Use Kostka Gel tips with our Kostka Builder Base to ensure 5 weeks of strong wear on the natural nail and make removal simple and easy!
Soak off formulation.
1.Apply Kostka Super Bond on the nail for perfect adhesion.
2.Fit the Kostka Gel Tip to the nail bed(choose the right size-match inside of the Kostka Gel tip with the nail bed).
3.File inside of the tip and apply a thin layer of Kostka Builder Base (you can use any of Kostka Base Gels) to the nail bed and on inside of Kostka Gel Tip.
4.Press on the Kostka Gel Tip onto the nail bed starting at the cuticle (Be sure that you don’t have any bubbles or empty space between Kostka Gel tip and nail bed)
5.Cure in the lamp for 1min.
6.Choose your favorite Kostka Gel Polish and apply it on nail tips.
7.As the final step apply any of Kostka Top Gels.

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